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Put your analytical skills to work with a degree in finance. As a finance major at WLC, you’ll learn how to streamline business operations through financial planning, 投资, 解决问题, 和预算.

You’ll learn from faculty experts with diverse finance experience as you explore mathematical and statistical principles and how they apply to real-world business situations. You’ll also analyze and deliver presentations on financial problems that impact 组织. 作为一名毕业生, you’ll be excellent with numbers and well prepared to work with clients, communicate effectively, and make decisions grounded in reSearch

A finance degree from WLC combines Christian ethics with business savvy, and prepares you to navigate the day-to-day needs of 组织 and complex financial decisions efficiently and effectively. You’ll build your business acumen and have a solid foundation to step into career roles such as:

  • 理财规划师
  • 预算经理
  • 预算分析
  • 精算师
  • 信贷分析师
  • 保险代理人

Whether you choose to join a large corporation, a small business or nonprofit organization, or operate your own business, you’ll graduate with a sense of purpose, prepared for success.

Our business graduates are highly sought after by major companies in the Milwaukee area, with many actively inquiring about our students prior to graduation. Within our programs you will have no trouble finding opportunities to interview for internships in large corporations, 小型企业, 或非营利组织. We have a positive reputation of providing interns who are hard working and excellent communicators. We enable you to activate your greatest potential.

Our expert faculty know what they’re talking about because they’ve lived it

Within the School of Business at 威斯康辛州路德 College, you'll learn from business leaders who’ve worked at some of the largest and most prestigious companies on the Fortune 500 list, while gaining the skills and knowledge needed to apply critical thinking and analysis to business trends, 组织, 和行业.

更重要的是, our business faculty are Christian leaders, who have learned how to excel in the business world without compromising their faith or morals. They are not simply teaching you from a textbook. The stories and insights about how to succeed in business come from real-life experience. You get to inherit those insights directly from the source.

You’ll be set up to succeed. Class sizes are small, TAs are non-existent, and you won't find sprawling lecture halls here. WLC is a place where you develop personal relationships with not only your classmates but also your professors. They want you to succeed academically as well as grow spiritually in a safe, nurturing environment.

Gain first-hand experience in Warrior Investment Club

Utilizing the gift of a generous donor, the Warrior Investment Club provides you with the opportunity to gain first-hand experience in security analysis and porfolio strategies. 每个月, you’ll meet to discuss market conditions, 俱乐部的投资组合, 如果合适的话, make buy and sell recommendations. 除了, the club invites local investment professionals to campus to speak and meet with club members. The student-managed fund has been so successful that it has the potential to generate scholarships for our finance majors.

Your experiences on campus and the relationships you build with your classmates and faculty will be fun and rewarding. We believe that when you graduate you’ll be ready for a professional and meaningful career.

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Connect with School of Business Faculty

彼得Eppen Business Administration 助理教授 414.443.8830 彼得.eppen@kgfascist.com
唐纳德Kudek Business Administration 副教授 414.443.8579 唐纳德.kudek@kgfascist.com
格雷格Pfarr Business Administration 助理教授 414.443.8928 格雷格.pfarr@kgfascist.com
杰森·范·阿克 Business Administration 助理讲师 414.443.8763 杰森.vanacker@kgfascist.com
葛丽塔瓦格纳 Business Administration 兼职教授 格里塔.wagner@kgfascist.com
马蒂狼 Business Administration 客座教授 414.443.8731 马丁.wolf@kgfascist.com