WLC student in 版画 studio


讲故事, 分享对你有意义的东西, and bring a little more beauty to the world as an art and 平面设计 major at WLC. You’ll learn how to hone your creative skills and express yourself visually in a variety of mediums.

作为WLC艺术专业的学生, you’ll participate in creative experiences that further develop your God-given talents. Our faculty offer personalized guidance and professional training in small, supportive classes. In addition to creative expression, 你将获得审美素养, 视觉思维, 批判性分析能力.

Within our program, you could graduate ready to build a career as a successful:

  • 艺术总监
  • 平面设计师
  • 插画家
  • 画家
  • 版画复制匠
  • 雕塑家
  • 网页设计师
Tailor your education to meet your aspirations

Our art major offers great flexibility allowing you to construct a degree that focuses on the areas of art that most interests you. Students interested in 平面设计 will engage in hands-on, experiential learning with Adobe Creative Suite and sophisticated text editors for web design and development. 对绘画感兴趣的学生, 插图, 版画, and painting will further their skills alongside professors with real experiences as designers and studio artists. 因为我们的班级规模很小, you’ll receive plenty of personal attention and will be encouraged to balance technical training with a variety of creative energies.

Find inspiration beyond the classroom

你将参加博物馆之旅, 美术馆参观, talks by guest artists and visiting professionals, all to enhance your learning experience. Students have traveled with faculty to Costa Rica, 挪威, and national parks to gain new experiences and inspiration to bring to their work. Trip activities may include visiting 博物馆 and cathedrals, 与当地艺术家会面, 在现场创作艺术, 看到独特, 鼓舞人心的风景.

去当地的公园, 密尔沃基县动物园, 密尔沃基艺术博物馆, and various other landmarks are vital opportunities for our art students.

WLC art and 平面设计 majors have an opportunity to intern at art 画廊, 博物馆, and other locations during their time of study at WLC. Students have previously enjoyed internships at the Milwaukee 艺术ist Resource Center, 佩蒂特国家冰上中心, 密尔沃基儿童合唱团, and area Milwaukee creative and communication agencies. 实习 have often led to full-time job opportunities!

Milwaukee has long been known for its lively art scene

Take advantage of Milwaukee's many 博物馆, 画廊, 壁画, 创意机构, 公共关系公司, 以及各种艺术家系列, 表演艺术中心, and art-related events and volunteer opportunities.


Milwaukee lakefront and Milwaukee 艺术 Museum at sunset
Create alongside talented faculty who live what they teach

Our fine arts faculty are talented, 充满激情的, and renowned for their love of the arts, 他们的专业经验, 和他们的工作. At larger schools, students rarely interact directly with professors. 信誉最好的网投平台排名, you’ll grow as an artist alongside faculty who’ll work one-on-one with you to identify your interests, 发挥你的才能, 鼓励你的创造力.


Whether you plan to major or minor in art and 平面设计, or you prefer to participate while focusing on other academic areas, you may be eligible to apply for a 美术 Scholarship. Incoming freshmen and transfer students with exceptional artistic ability are encouraged to apply for an 艺术奖学金,用… 年产值高达2000元,每年更新一次,为期一年 终身价值高达8000美元. Four art scholarships will be awarded each year.

Learn More About Our 艺术奖学金

In addition to our 艺术奖学金, additional awards and scholarships may be available to you as you pursue artistic studies at WLC.


的 视觉奖 is presented to a freshman or sophomore art student displaying outstanding discipline, involvement and promise in the field of art.

的 黄金调色板奖 acknowledges the pursuit of artistic discipline and the application of art skills in contribution to the college and community. It is presented to a junior or senior art major.

Gerald and Georgia Brommer 艺术奖学金

的 Gerald and Georgia Brommer 艺术奖学金 被授予艺术专业的大四学生. 的 student is chosen during their junior year. Students are judged on the following criteria:

  • dedication and adherence to Christian ideals in the life of the student,
  • artistic skills in his or her chosen area of art,
  • dedication to art (fine art production, 平面设计, art education and/or art history) as a vital element in the Christian life (that is, a sense of personal commitment to the field of art and a dedication to personal growth in art).
With a degree in art and 平面设计, you’ll be an effective visual communicator ready to start a career in the arts, or continue your education in graduate school.

艺术与平面设计 Advising 资源

Connect with art and 平面设计 faculty